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You Go, Garry Trudeau!

Mr. Perry, there aren’t enough cuss words in the whole wide world to describe the kind of scum that you are. They should stick an ultrasound probe up your posterior orifice; maybe they’ll find your head in there.

I know I said this wouldn’t be a political blog, and I plan to honor that promise. However, I do plan to point out how those around us – politicians, religious leaders, air-headed teen-pop idols, even friends and family – can contribute to the overwhelming difficulty of making the decision to abort a pregnancy. The decision is hard enough, and if a woman is going to stay sane enough to make the right decision, she needs to recognize those that are feeding off her vulnerability, and learn to tune them out. I had the misfortune of being pregnant in Texas, but the IMMENSE fortune of going to a clinic that grudgingly carried out Perry’s dirty work with incredible contempt for the new bill, and incredible compassion for those of us made to suffer through its consequences. I was reminded constantly by the doctor and the nurses and the counselors that whatever decision I made would be the right one, and that I had no reason to be ashamed or to feel guilty. I hope that everyone who has to go through this cruel process (Texas isn’t the only state run by compassion-less dickheads) finds the kind of support that I did. If that support and understanding is unavailable to you, take it from me: you have no reason to feel ashamed. You have no reason to feel guilty. That fuzzy gray image of a blob inside your uterus might seem beautiful to you (it did to me), but it is because it is beautiful and dear to you that you are making a decision in the best interest of that blob’s future. If you are not ready to be a mother, for whatever reason, then growing that blob into an actual human being and bringing it into a world not ready to receive it would be far more cruel. Don’t let those GOP bastards get to you. Don’t let the picketers outside the abortion clinic get to you. They don’t know your pain, they have no right to judge you. Don’t let religious zealots get to you. If their god is such a wrathful, unforgiving beast, then you should pity them, not put stock in their judgments.

You are a good woman. You are making a wise, compassionate choice. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.